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 Nala and BeeBee are siblings, but their personalities are so different. 
 BeeBee is content to be on the floor, resting, hanging out.  Nala thinks she is a mountain goat.
 So does Sugar Bit!
 These two play all day. 
 Nala watches her carefully.
 Nala has the toy-- Sugar Bit has the toy.
 Tug of wars occur.
 But, wait.  Why are they both on the table??
 Nala, you're not allowed on the table.
 Not the coffee table.  Not the kitchen table.
 Not the end table.
 No, you can't have the apple sauce, or anything else up there.
 No, did you hear me?  No!
 I think she's deaf. 😀
Fine, What would you like for dinner?   LOL
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5 days ago
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 Dash came to me a few weeks ago when his owners were moving overseas.  He was too old to survive the long trip and even longer quarantine.   My wonderful vet tech calls him "Dash Away, Dash Away."  I love it!  So, I've called him that, too.
 I've had the pleasure of his company for two weeks.
 He fit right in right away! 
 He loved the other dogs!
 He wanted to be their friend. 
 He adored snuggling!  I enjoyed it, too!
 He waited patiently for Sugar Bit to talk to him. 
 He has such a gentle nature.

 He was on the couch with Nala and BeeBee-- just one of "the guys." 
 Fostering means I had the privilege of getting to know and love this little man.
I'll miss his smile and sweetness.  He goes to his new home today-- with an incredible couple who will love him the rest of his life.  I know we'll get updates.   They will have to hug him every day for me.   💗
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7 days ago
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 Kai Kai has been with me almost 7 years, since he came into rescue in April of 2011.  His owner gave him up because she had a 2 year old.   Kai Kai has done great with all the Bits who have been here. 
 He was here a year and no one adopted him-- but he became mine then and I'm so grateful for him.  He has welcomed so many foster dogs and many have come through here.   But, Kai Kai (and some others) stayed.
 He has had medical issues, like eye disease which led to the loss of his eyes.  But, he is a trooper and has forged ahead.
 He isn't forging anywhere right now.  He had a seizure and collapsed yesterday.   At first, I thought it was his back/neck area of his spine, since he had had those issues before.  I had the meds on hand to give him.  But, as I watched him, it wasn't the same.   I messaged my vet and got guidance on the meds again and kept watching Kai Kai. 
 What are some of the signs of a stroke?  These are from this article:  Dog Stroke Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment | petMD (PetMd is my "go-to" site on line.)
 1.  Not being able to walk or to walk with coordination.
 2.  Head tilt.  With Kai Kai, his head tilt is extreme.
 3.  Eye movements, rapid from side to side or rotating.  With Kai Kai, who has no eyes, I could still see movement in the eye muscle, showing rapid movement. 
 4.  Losing consciousness-- Kai Kai did not do this.   But, he was not normal either.
 5.  Falling to one side or falling over completely.  Kai Kai did this, having no ability to stand at all, no muscle strength.
 6.  Blindness (Kai Kai is already blind). 
 7.  Abnormal behavior
 8.  Rapid onset of symptoms.   Kai Kai had all this happen in a very brief time, from normal to not normal within seconds.
 At the vet, Kai Kai had some bloodwork (we will get results today).  We already had xrays, so we did not do that, and he just had bloodwork a few months ago, so we have a good base to compare new ones to.   
Kai Kai still wags his tail quickly when he hears my voice.   He stays in the playpen, to rest and recover we hope.   He does not have bladder control right now, but that's okay.   I can clean him up.   He stays in the playpen to protect him from falling or moving too much.  We hope in the next few days, we will see signs of recovery.  I love this boy.  He has my heart   💗

(Some asked me about Vestibular Disease-- it can have signs similar to stroke. 
We will watch Kai Kai and see how he does.  We hope he has a full recovery.)
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13 days ago
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 Louie and Katie came into rescue in July 2011. 
 They came from different shelters, but both went to Paige's for fostering.
 They became best friends there and has the great blessing of going to the same home together.
 It's wonderful to be adopted with a best friend because you have someone to play with and it also makes the transition so much easier.   They didn't really need help because their new mom and dad were so wonderful.   They had a Peke before and welcomed these two to their home.
 Katie loved being outside, but not necessarily when she had to trudge through the snow. 
 She was on hand for cook-outs.  She loved helping her dad-- of course, she hoped something would fall down. 
 Katie developed health issues and her parents did all they could, but things were happening fast and Katie was in pain.  It's so difficult to let them go, even when we know it's time. 
Letting them go with out help is such a loving, but painful, thing to do.
Run free now, sweet girl. 
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20 days ago
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 Wow, yesterday's blog on being tired hit a spot in people.   I guess a lot of us are tired!  Nala is.
 Oliver is tired.  Time for a nap.
 I have SAD (seasonal affective disorder) so in the winter, if the sun goes down, I think I should go to bed.   Like a bear--  Max agrees!   In the winter, I sleep more.
 Chumley naps more in the winter, too.  February tends to be the month I just want to curl up and sleep. 
 Max loves to curl up on the grass in the spring and take a nap in the sunshine.  But, it's too cold now.
 Chauncey is all for a nap!   I think his siblings could curl up on that big bed.
 Puccini is really into naps.   
But, Benjamin has us all beat.   He is so totally relaxed when he naps-- let's all imitate him and curl up for a nap!
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24 days ago
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I began the Starlight Fund after a friend suggested it.   All the funds go to help care for our long term and forever fosters.   Tinsley, above, wanted to help us.  His mom and I have been friends for a long time, and she is a foster and shelter volunteer.  Amazing woman!
 Bridget's mom helped, too.   Bridget came to our rescue as a senior and we hoped she would find her forever home.  She did!! 
 Gracie Lu's mom is the one who suggested this fund.   Gracie was cherished by her mom and was so special.  I remember the day I got her in April of 2008.  It began a friendship with her wonderful mom, too. 

 Thea and Thurston were adopted as puppies from us.   So many who adopted continue to help us.  Thank you so much-- we appreciate you!
 Lily and Gracie lives in England-- their mom Elaine has been a facebook friend for awhile and she is Peke lover!!
 Princess' mom continues to help us.   One day, I'm sure she will find another Peke to love, but in the meantime, she encourages us in the work we do in rescue.  Thank you, Ann. 
Piggie has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, too.  But, his mom Syndee also continues to help us.
 Zeke is best friends with his new baby.  His mom has adopted from us and continues to encourage us.   Peke lovers are the best!
 Zack is new to his family, but not their first Peke.  They adopted from us years ago and continue to be a friend of our rescue.  They love helping rescues find hope and love. 
Brody, Abner, and Lily have helped us often, too.   And they come to our picnic every year from New York!   Abner was adopted from us and is now a wonderful therapy dog. 

Thank you to everyone who continues to help us.  We can do all this because of you!   You are the ones who help us to carry on!
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32 days ago
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